What is the Cream Legbar?


The Cream Legbar chicken is an amazing breed that was only imported from the UK in 2011. They are becoming popular for very good reasons.


First, they are an auto-sexing breed. You can tell which chicks are male and female at hatch. Unlike sex-linked hybrid chickens (such as Black Sex-Linked and Red Star), the auto-sexing trait is preserved in future generations.


Second, Cream Legbars lay eggs with blue eggshells.


Third, Cream Legbars are crested. This is a fun physical trait that makes the Cream Legbar a standout.




I am a charter member of the Cream Legbar Club and am currently serving as the Central Regional director for the club.  I obtained my initial stock directly from Greenfire Farms, the original importer of the Cream Legbar. I have two lines of birds I am working with. One breeding line consists solely of Jill Rees line birds. The second line is a Jill Rees cockerel over 3rd Generation Greenfire Farms imports. This second "Gust Front Farm" line is still in the project phase, but I hope to combine the best traits of the earlier imports (large, numerous eggs) with the Jill Rees line (true cream color, etc.) 

Both lines are being bred to conform with the proposed US Standard of Perfection as proposed by the Cream Legbar Club. You can read the SOP here. Visit the Cream Legbar Club's website

This Jill Rees line trio produces gorgeous eggs!



We collect eggs every morning and store them in a cool environment, turning them as needed until your order is complete. We avoid cleaning the eggs as much as possible so that the bloom on the shell is preserved. This means better chances for a successful hatch. 

After your egg order has been collected, it will be packed carefully. Each egg will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in a Priority Mail box filled with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and/or shredded paper or other packing materials. Your box will be marked “Fragile” on the outside unless you specify otherwise. (Some people feel that postal workers actually treat boxes marked “fragile” worse than unmarked boxes.) All packages will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your eggs get to you ASAP and without a lengthy weekend stay at the post office. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that your eggs will hatch. There are too many variables in shipping and incubation that are beyond our control. We check fertility at the beginning of the breeding season to insure that we are shipping fertile eggs. We also hatch our own eggs throughout the season.  


$6 per Rees line Cream Legbar hatching egg. We charge a flat rate for shipping/handling (in the lower 48 states) of $12 for up to 1 dozen eggs. You may combine types of eggs in the same order. Larger orders may have to be shipped in multiple boxes, so ask for a shipping quote if you are ordering more than 12 hatching eggs. Eggs will be sent via Priority Mail and payment must be through PayPal.  


We will occasionally have chicks, juveniles, and adult Cream Legbars for sale to local customers. We are not shipping chicks at this time.

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