We collect eggs every morning and store them in a cool environment, turning them as needed until your order is complete. Our nest boxes are full of fresh bedding, so the eggs are generally clean. Occasionally a duck will lay an egg somewhere other than the nest boxes and the egg might need to be gently cleaned. We avoid cleaning the eggs as much as possible so that the bloom on the shell is preserved. This means better chances for a successful hatch. 



After your egg order has been collected, it will be packed carefully. Each egg will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed in a Priority Mail box filled with more bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and/or shredded paper or other packing materials. Your box will be marked “Fragile” on the outside unless you specify otherwise. (Some people feel that postal workers actually treat boxes marked “fragile” worse than unmarked boxes.) All packages will be shipped out via USPS Priority Mail Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your eggs get to you ASAP and without a lengthy weekend stay at the post office. 


PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee that your eggs will hatch. There are too many variables in shipping and incubation that are beyond our control. We check fertility at the beginning of the breeding season to insure that we are shipping fertile eggs. We also hatch our own eggs throughout the season.  




$2.50 per hatching egg. We charge a flat rate for shipping/handling (in the lower 48 states) of $12 for up to 1 dozen eggs. Larger orders may have to be shipped in multiple boxes, so ask for a shipping quote if you are ordering more than 12 hatching eggs. Eggs will be sent via Priority Mail and payment must be through PayPal.  




We will occasionally have ducklings, juveniles, and adult ducks for sale to local customers. We are not shipping ducklings at this time.


$6 per duckling


Juvenile and adult ducks – price varies