Pilgrim Geese

      The above photos show the same geese at 1 week and 9 months of age. You can clearly tell the genders apart at both stages.

We added the critically endangered Pilgrim goose to our farm in 2014. The Pilgrim goose is a remarkable breed that is well-worthy of conservation. It is a medium-sized domestic goose that tops out around 14 pounds. It is noted for its calm and docile personality, but perhaps its most useful trait is the fact that it is auto-sexing. Just like our Cream Legbars, we can tell the gender of the goslings at hatch by the color of their down. Male goslings have pale bills, yellow down, and grow up to be white with a few grey feathers. Female goslings have dark bills, olive-colored down, and are grey when they feather out. Auto-sexing wonderful for any poultry breeder, but for geese it is even more handy since the genders of geese can be so difficult to decipher.

We hope to have goslings for sale locally this spring and summer. A limited number of hatching eggs may also be available. See the "Contact Us" page to ask for more information.